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I am aware of the currently broken images (thank you photobucket, sigh). I am working on a solution but it may take a while yet due to time constraints and waiting on getting a place to put the images. I will fix the broken images with time but for now I apologize for the lack of them.

I have put in a fix for all the images on my three tutorials, so those are currently readable.

Again, my apologies. Hopefully it won't take me too long to fix things.

(Also, hi. Yes, I am still alive.)

Next Update?

Sigh, has it been a month since the last update already? Sorry last month's been... messy. I mean, mostly this is my fault, I have been slacking since I have the pictures for another update and have had them for a while but I was too busy keeping myself busy with working on my art, playing Skyrim and other non-Sims video games (a lot) and trying not to think about having to write an update >.< Sinus problems and my uncle's cremation didn't exactly motivate me either. Bleh, excuses, excuses.

I'll try and get something up before the holidays atleast.

Happy Holidays!

Not quite a picture of the sims, but a drawing of a sim. No access to the game atm (Christmas at the in-laws!) but close enough.

Happy winter holidays everyone!! Hope you all have a good time with friends, family or by yourself. Good food, lots of fun and a pleasant start of the new year :)

The Millers (also, real life)

I haven't updated in months. I'm aware of this and I'm very very sorry and I figured I'd owe you guys a post on the subject.

I don't know what to do.

I've tried to finish another update, I have about 57 pics in my photobucket just sitting there. The youngest kids are 6 and 3 days away from being teenagers (I had intended to finish it when everyone's an adult, but with skipping college cause sim college just plain sucks). Unfortunately two things have occurred.

One, I start up the game and just sit there and stare at my sims, watch them for half an hour and go "god this is boring" and then I go do something else. This isn' t very conductive to actually finishing the legacy properly, which I do want to do because I hate leaving it hanging here and I already feel terrible these past months for not having updated.

Two, and here's where real life comes in. We've bought an apartment. Come half October we'll get the keys (if we don't hit any snags along the way) and I'll be busy tearing up laminate flooring and painting walls. I'm not sure I'll have any kind of time or desire to sim much at all then (not that I'm simming right now). I'm happy about the apartment thing (woo, space!) but it's likely to cause even more delays if I leave this hanging for much longer still.

I'm kinda stuck on what to do. I need to finish as I owe you guys that much, but I don't actually want to play the damn game and I feel awful about it (again, I'm very sorry for still not having updated).


Lack of Updates

I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I wish I could say that I went on some sort of super fantastic lengthy honeymoon (I wish! no honeymoons for me!) or that other real life things took over but the truth is that I simply haven't wanted to play either Sims 2 or Sims 3 in well over a week or two. And right now I still am not motivated to play either Sims game, as much as I normally enjoy them, bleh. When I load Sims 2 all I see is a huge amount of Sims and a laggy slow game with the knowledge that I gotta wrap it up (and I want to, I don't wanna leave it hanging here, at the near end). Sims 3 is fun but I guess I'm not in a simming mood (in fact, I am more in an rpg playing mood lately). So again, I'm sorry for the lack of updates and the fact that this'll likely keep up for a while longer.

(I am alive and well though, and who knows, my husband and I may well be looking at *buying* (we already live together, just in a tiny little rental apartment) our first place together this summer.. if all goes according to plan anyway! yay!)

Off to get married - be back soon!

Obviously you've noticed updates have already been a bit slow. I'm posting to let you all know the next update will take me a while too. I'll be out of town starting tomorrow until atleast the 6th of June due to both a family birthday this weekend and... the big one... my wedding! I'm getting married on the 5th of June :)

I'll still have internet access in the coming week and will be able to read and reply (atleast, when I'm not being dragged from place to place or freaking out) but I cannot play the game and as such can't update the Millers. Creation projects are also on hold.

I hope to be back soon and be able to play and get you guys an update soon as well.

When it rains, it pours

So, as most know. The Millers went corrupt and I've happily been setting them up in their new hood. Progress on that was going well.

Yes, was...

In all likelihood, my graphics card just broke (if the blue dots, stripes, yellow splotches and other randomness that shows up whenever it gets stressed are any indication anyway XD)


Anyway, I can go into my desktop right now (like I said, if it gets stressed it'll start artifacting, but it's not stressed right now) so I'm making this post. I'll take one last look inside the card to see if there's not a huge dust buildup in there causing the problem. If not, then I'll be going out to the post office in a bit to mail it back to the store (as it's under warranty still). I'll likely pick up a cheap graphics card on the way so I can atleast use my pc.

Obviously, this all means there'll probably be a bit of a delay in the next update as I can't continue moving the Millers until after I actually get a functional graphics card. And I can't play the Millers until after I move them. As it turns out, it's rather hard to do things in game when it keeps freezing with giant blue stripes across the screen or the graphics going on and off.

I am really hating this week right now.

UPDATE: I purchased a cheap new card and just installed it. Ran a stress test for 10 minutes, no errors, no artifacts. That pretty much confirms the other card is broken. Old card is sitting at the post office now, hopefully it'll arrive at the store tomorrow and they'll get to look at it soon. Now comes the waiting game, I have no idea how long it'll take for them to test my card and get back to me with regards to a solution, could be a few days, could be weeks. In the mean time, this temporary little card is powerful enough to run the Sims atleast so I can continue moving the Millers and setting that all up. Although if it takes weeks I'll be slightly miffed as I wanted to play Fallout 3 which isn't really an option with this current card. Damn.