Next Update?

Sigh, has it been a month since the last update already? Sorry last month's been... messy. I mean, mostly this is my fault, I have been slacking since I have the pictures for another update and have had them for a while but I was too busy keeping myself busy with working on my art, playing Skyrim and other non-Sims video games (a lot) and trying not to think about having to write an update >.< Sinus problems and my uncle's cremation didn't exactly motivate me either. Bleh, excuses, excuses.

I'll try and get something up before the holidays atleast.

Dogs are cute.

I apologize way in advance for the fact that sometime down the line in gen 3 (definitely not the next update, as that was played before the release of Pets) it turns into a bit of dog spam. But look at the cute doggie! I couldn't help myself ;_;

Ok I lie, I apologize for nothing. You'll just have to suffer the ridiculously cute dog! Muahahahahaha!

PS. Update coming soon, maybe today if I feel like writing it tonight.