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The Miller Legacy - 5.2


- Cinnamon was chosen as heir and took over the house.
- The family took a vacation to Three Lakes where they had a very (very) good time.
- So good in fact that Castor couldn't keep it in his pants and got pregnant again
- So did Cinnamon (no, not with eachother you pervert)
- Cinnamon also started her own nightclub as her first (of hopefully 5) businesses

Let's get started on the glitchiest update yet!

Now where were we. Toddlers, right.

Fun fact: I never used smart milk until I started this legacy. Am I that hardcore or just an idiot? You decide.

Holly on the left, Crystal on the right (as a reminder for those who might have forgotten)

They're adorable.

And this is Brandy, our newest kitten. We're up to the 7th generation already.


Ok, enough of that.

Pollux has gotten more and more blatant about this Rosie thing. Ivy's either stopped caring altogether or gone senile.

Ivy: (I need to.. no wait...... cake.. I need cake. Why don't we have any cake?!)

My money's on senile.

Castor: grrrrrr!

You think a vampire carrying a toddler is mentally scarring? Werewolves top that, easily.

Back at Cinnamon's club. The hottest place in town!

Go ahead, boo me off stage for my bad puns.

Sweet, gold sales talent badge.

Dazzle, eh?

Cinnamon: You just have to come to my club, it's the best place in town. No the best place in SimCity... the best place in the universe!!
Evil witch: OMG!! *squeels*

I'm developing a love for this interaction. Why did I never get any gold sales badges before?

Totally random shot of the club.

Yes, that statue does look out of place there but hey, environment score!

Hi Sean Ohlsen!

One down, four to go.

Back at the main house we have romance sims being autonomously suspiciously family sim like.


And a pregnant Cinnamon again.

Castor: Congratulations for being super hot. It's like you get hotter every day.

They went from two to three bolts when Castor's personality started changing due to the werewolf thing.

It worries me.

P... ah you all know the deal.

The first of many birthdays this update.

Holly's too cute!

Crystal looks a lot like her father, I think the only thing that's Cinnamon's is the nose and eyebrows.

Ever since that Three Lakes vacation my sims have taken to slapdancing at every oppertunity.

Here Castor's giving a private demonstration to Tequila. (Tequila actually had "watch" in her queue)

Cinnamon: Oooh my husband's so hot it makes me have to pee!

No, I think that's just your bladder control wavering.

Legacy portraits, now with Cinnamon's portrait!

Now Pollux, I know he's unemployed, has been mooching off the family forever AND he's a werewolf but that's no reason to start thinking of him as the family pet!

Cinnamon: Hello? Anthony? Move! I need to make the beds!
Anthony: *sobs* My life sucks!

Rosie: *cracks knuckles* You will get yours, you senile old bat.
Ivy: Ooh, kitty! This house has so many kitties!

Anthony: I'm all alone! I have no friends, no parties, my life's a lie! *sobs*
Cinnamon: *ignores him, plays with cat*

Ivy: *swoons*

Hahaha. Ok, Ivy, I know you haven't gotten any from Pollux in ages and you're probably desperate. But picking the sim least likely to want to sleep with a woman? Good going!

Not that it matters.

Death: Okay lady, time's up, let's go.
Ivy: *gasp*
Rosie: Hahahah! Woo! The bat's gone! I told you you'd get yours, you witch!
Pollux: *walks up, taking his sweet time* Something happening?

Anthony: And now my wife's aunt is dead, life couldn't get any worse *sob sob*
The rest of the family: *couldn't care less*

I swear, nobody cried except Anthony. And he barely knew her!

Out with the old, in with the new!

Cinnamon: Oooh, my husband's hot when he's all depressed!
Crystal: Mom, shouldn't you be paying attention to the baby? You might drop her!

It's a girl. Brown hair, green eyes and her name is Amber.

Sometimes the ghosts redeem themselves by being all cute.

The legs give it away but there's really only one sim who would do a thing like this. He's like a big child sometimes (a lot of the time).

Anthony: I'm so hungry! I really need some food right about now, I'm starving!

Hello, delicious sparkly pancakes, right in front of you?

This is business number two. The Toybox.

The white shop shelves clash horribly but I couldn't find a colour that fit and I stopped caring after trying for a while to make it look nice. Aslong as it's functional.

Cinnamon: You so know you need a kite! Everyone needs a kite!

Cinnamon gets right at work dazzling the customers.

Anthony: One plus.. no wait... *whimper*

In an attempt to stop Anthony from being so damn useless, he gets to be the cashier. He sucks at it.

Yay, good review!

(but man Mr Reviewer, change that sweater! Ugh)

And a best of the best award!

Anthony: Oof! *gets hand stuck in the till somehow* Now the cash register hates me too :(

And back to the main house.

Pollux: (dum de dum, off to have sex with Rosie..mmmm)
Amber: (Did he just drop me on the floor?)
Gin: (dude, he just dropped the baby right on the floor!)

Note how it says "relax" in the upper left corner. ACR'd woohoo for the win.

Castor: Did someone leave you on the floor?

All together now. Awwww.

Ever since Ivy died, Pollux has started projecting his own lack of a family onto others. Guess who?

Note that Castor himself has never ever rolled a want to get married or joined, ever.

Kittens are love.

Holly: Look look! It can stand!

Congratulations Holly. What an achievement.

Brandy as an adult cat. Best cat ever!

Crystal: Mom look! Mom! Would you just drop the cat already? I'm trying to show you my report card here.

Amber's birthday.

Those are definitely Cinnamon's eyes, Anthony's mouth and eyebrows, not sure on the nose.

No no, I can hear you all groaning now. I'm not doing another long vacation sequence. But there is a reason I'm shipping Pollux off, again.

It's not this. Although lol, alien suntan.

Witchdoctor: I only invited them in for some coffee! (and maybe to do my dirtywork for me)

Not this either.

It's this!

45 out of 45 vacation memories! Take that!

Brandy is still the best cat.

Oh hello Arcas. Nice of you to drop by uninvited and SET THE TRAIN SET ON FIRE!

Arcas: I just wanted to see how fast the little train could go!

Thankfully Rosie's here to save the day.

I think I may need to install a fire alarm in this room now.

Arcas: Phew, crisis averted.

You're lucky it was averted, no thanks to you! You almost burnt the top floor of the house down!

Cleaning for the family is not going to make me forgive you!

Wow... and how old is that cake? That's Cinnamon's wedding cake! Has that been sitting in the garden all this time? Ew.

I thought we could do with some more cute, so I shipped the kids off to the local park.

Crystal: I hate the park!

Maybe so, Crystal, but I'm not putting a rollerblade rink in the backyard of your house.

What a nice family..... wait a minute.. You! In the back! Where the hell are you putting your hand! You stop that right now!

I'm never going back here again.

Good thing too cause I think the park might be a fire hazard waiting to happen as well.

Holly: Daaad! Stop taunting me! God, I hate this game!

Shame too cause I really don't have the space at the mansion to put things like this in the backyard.

Gin's dead.

Cat deaths always get more of a reaction out of this family.

Holly: Look Anthony! I got an A+!
Anthony: Nice going! Atleast someone's accomplishing something!

Why do the kids always show the report cards to the wrong people? That's your brother in law! Your father is in the next room, go show it to him!

Please don't talk about baby stuff with Castor. You might give him ideas.


Oh, I guess that's why you were talking about baby things. Carry on then.

Another Amber birthday.

Amber: Mmmm, something smells good!
Cinnamon: Not from down here it doesn't!

Amber: Oh no! I just lost!

You're playing against yourself!

I think she's cute. Not sure I want another generation with those eyes though.

Oh Castor.

Please don't ever change.


Let's have some more cute kid spam in here.


Anthony: Ahahahahahaha! Did you know? I have no friends at all! I'm all alone! But I have you now, don't I?

Maybe I should not have neglected Anthony so much. It would help if he would stop rolling such stupid low point wants though! Sing Duet every damn day.

I don't know. Am I sure I want to adopt Bonkers?

Most of the family: +5000!

Yep, pretty sure.

Ehm, Crystal. I'd get out of the room if I were you

Crystal: But why can't I smustle in this room?

Crystal. Out. Now!

Hm. This seems familiar.

There are a lot of birthdays this update, aren't there?

Holly: Woo cake! Yaaay!

Holly Miller:

Aspiration: Family
Secondary Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Become Hall of Famer
Hobby: Sports

Sloppy/Neat: 2
Shy/Outgoing: 4
Lazy/Active: 10
Serious/Playful: 6
Grouchy/Nice: 5

Gah, she turned out pretty but she's not in the running for heir (wrong generation).

Excuse the hair issue. She's gone screwy on me and all hairs show up semi-transparant (as in, I can see right through her entire body) on me. I don't know what caused it or how to fix it so I'll just have to live with it, I guess.

Crystal Miller:

Aspiration: Family
Secondary Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: Graduate 3 children from college
Hobby: Fitness

Sloppy/Neat: 3
Shy/Outgoing: 10
Lazy/Active: 10
Serious/Playful: 3
Grouchy/Nice: 9

Rather extreme personality.

Still the best cat.

Sorry, I'll shut up now.

Holly: Hey dad! Dad! I got an A!
Ashley: That's nice, but next time could you not run into the bathroom to tell me?

This family has no sense of personal boundaries.

And we end this update with:

Anthony: OMG! Another one!

Yes, another one. Another girl. Jade, blonde hair, green eyes.

Check back next time for more birthdays! (oh joy)
Warnings: 93 pictures, language, sims being inappropriate, glitches

Tags: challenges, sims 2, the miller legacy

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  • Notice

    I am aware of the currently broken images (thank you photobucket, sigh). I am working on a solution but it may take a while yet due to time…

  • Plastered in Paris - Redux

    I made these posters (well, edits of existing posters) for Sims 2 back in the day ( here), and my good friend Medinaquirin…

  • Update

    Stopped being lazy long enough to update my content list. I think I've got everything linked up there again. Aside from that.. Happy Easter everyone…