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I'm here, honest.

Figured it was high time to send out a note to all to show that I am still alive and kicking. Yes, I know the Magellans haven't been updated in a while and unfortunately it'll be a while longer before I get around to it. A combination of not wanting to play the family and other games have kept me from making much progress (I have *some* pictures, just not really enough). I *will* get back to it though, don't worry! (Just not this week or next, I've got Mass Effect 3 to play! And a short vacation to Barcelona).

As for other things, I did play the Sims a bit and mostly busied myself with messing around in Lunar Lakes (which I, predictably, rather like. I'm a sucker for alien things). I may or may not post up some pictures of what I've been up to in there. I've got loads, since I was trying out a Nothing is Free challenge, but I'm reluctant to start posting and become obligated to keep that up too. Especially since I have a habit of dropping challenges sometimes. I did also order Showtime, which I'll probably play and maybe picspam at some point (I have plans for a certain green alien sim) but since I'm also getting Mass Effect 3, as I said above, that may not be right away :P

And in more Sims related news. I have one of those newfangled Tumblr thingies now :P You can find me here.

And also, I've been trying to make a better version of my TS3 Castor Sim (for myself), so I took another stab at facial hair and this time also eyebrow creating.

I think it's come out really well! First time I've managed to make some eyebrows that I didn't completely botch.

I've got the eyebrows working more or less well for all ages and both genders now (though they don't look exactly the same across all, due to the way the game works, but close enough). Gotta figure out the custom thumbnail thing though. Also, do people prefer everything in one package or male and female and such seperated out?

Anyway, so yeah, that's what's up with me right now *waves*

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