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GoS January Project

I know some of you don't check GoS on a regular basis, or at all really. So since I did upload a few things to that thread and this is my LJ I figured I'd make a post here with some links as well :P

Old mesh, I started this one quite a while ago and the January project was just what I needed to finish it ;) If I've got this linking thing right then this link should get you right to the relevant post.

(and yes, those are Lynx and Altair as teenage girls :P)

And this is a new mesh, sort of (just chopped the flip-flops off a H&M mesh, wasn't a lot of work XD). This one's available here.

I highly recommend you check the rest of the thread, it's full of stuff for your teens :D

Now to see if I can come up with anything for the February Project XD (it's elders! Another age group that really does need more clothes).
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