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The NEW new Miller house (with download link)

Alright, so people wanted a tour of the latest Miller house. Which is the third house the family has been using now. Who am I to deny a chance to spam some more pictures, right? ;)

I don't think the decoration is all that special, some of the rooms I lifted almost exactly out of the previous house in design and many are not cluttered or anything at all. Walls are kinda bare too as I intended to put family paintings/photos up again and just haven't gotten round to that yet. But let's get this tour started!

This time I decided to try for a house that was big enough to house the entire family (plus additions) but keep it on a smaller lot to keep down any lag. This meant seriously cutting off the garden size and removing a lot of the luxurious stuff the old house had. The lot is 2x3 and the house is 3 floors. It has 7 bedrooms (8 if you count the nursery) and 3 bathrooms

The ground floor.

As you can see, no basement. No two living rooms and no entertainment room. Also the garden is tiny compared to the old house.

I made the kitchen quite big this time as it seems everyone spends most their time there anyway. The nursery got moved downstairs to make it much easier to care for toddlers.

The entrance hall.

Spiral stairs this time as they're so nicely space efficient. The double doors in the back lead to the garage and the door on the right hand side (which is just an open doorway) leads to the living room.

Again no picture of the garage cause it's just a large open space really. There's a bit of room to put stuff in but mostly it's just for the car (that I forgot to move with the family, oops).

Living room.

I went with red this time, it's a nice change of colour (I usually go for cool tones). Yes there's a TV above the fireplace XD

The kitchen, two shots without family in it to get a good overview.

And one showing it in use ;)

The downstairs bathroom.

The other bathrooms in the house look a lot like this one and I'm really lazy so no shots of those.

And the nursery. These rooms aren't really all that interesting and this picture kinda sucks.

But I can't believe I never moved the nursery downstairs before, so much more practical!

And the backyard.

It comes with really only the bare necessities. The greenhouse and some trees. A hammock for fun (cause I've not had one in a legacy house yet) and the hot tub, because you know we just need a hot tub!

First floor.

A lot of bedrooms and some bathrooms.

I moved all the old heir portraits to the hallway here. And there's a new addition!

The first bedroom. This one is where normally Altair and Jenny sleep. Except right now they don't really like eachother so Jenny nabbed it for herself (since she's the first one to go to bed at night).

The walls are all the same colour, the lighting just makes it look like it's two colours.

Second bedroom. Lynx has taken this one, it looks a lot like the one he ended up having in the old house (but I never properly showed to you guys. Used to be one of the children's rooms)

Third bedroom!

The idea of this was taken from the old house but I changed the colour scheme a little. Margaret is using this one at the moment.

One of the single bedrooms. Fell is using this one. He rather likes to smustle in here so that radio was a good choice, I think.

This very pink room is where Annah sleeps. I don't really like pink all that much but for some reason I wanted a pink room.

There is a curtain missing in this screenshot for some reason but trust me when I say there's a very pink curtain there as well ;)

And the last bedroom on this floor. This one has two beds to account for future children (like, say, Lyra). Currently it is where Trias sleeps, and Altair.. the poor man :(

That just leaves me with the top floor, which is very simple.

I moved Castor's bedroom up here since he barely ever uses a bedroom in the first place. It made things a bit more efficient for me and gave me space to put his magic room. The rest of the space I currently use for the family urns although it doesn't look particularly elegant. I lack the proper sort of tables or somesuch to put the urns on.

Castor's room is basically the same as the old one, same colour scheme and all. I simply replaced the pinball machine/desk+pc with a large TV and a gaming system.

The bookcase still leads to the magic room ;)

And some more shots from the back and front of the entire house:

The back.

And the front.

Sorry the tour was a bit quick and simple but the house is pretty simple, I feel.


List of CC used:

Simple Brick Collection - Kittyispretty69@MTS2
Aura Interior - 144 Harmonious Hues - Reflects@MTS2
Maxis Match Oddly Accumbent Tiles - Awesims

Wooden Floors - Awesims
Polished Floorboards - Holy Simoly

Holy Simoly
Wood for Sims (some of the indoor plants)
Single tile slave version of Holy Simoly curtains - Gelydh@GOS
Bamboo Blinds - Windkeeper@TSR

Invisible Driveway Recolour - roddyaleixo@MTS2
Recolour of Fishtank - Piggi's Sims (it's under decoration, click the statue)
Roof - Loco Plus
Independant Expressions Windows/Doors Expansion Set - MaryLou@MTS2

There are two download links this time, furnished and unfurnished (for those that like to strip a house bare).

The furnished version comes with everything you see in the screenshots EXCEPT the Holy Simoly Elwood bedroom set, the Holy Simoly curtains, Windkeeper's bamboo blinds and the Wood for Sims plants as they're pay items. I replaced the bedroom set with a white Ikea set and put one of HystericalParoxysm's non default beddings on there but the game apparantly refused to pick that bedding recolour up when packing the lot, it's here, the light green one. You'll have to put new curtains on the windows that are missing them yourself as I kinda forgot (sorry).

Other things that didn't manage to get packed up in the furnished version are the roof recolour and the invisible driveway. Sorry about that, guess the game doesn't like to pack those. I don't know if anything else is missing. I also removed a bunch of extra recolours that aren't used but didn't remove them all because I wasn't sure what wood colours I was using XD

The unfurnished version only has the custom walls/floors.

I have all EPs/SPs which means you'll need all EPs as well to use the house (not necessarily all SPs, though I do use furniture from them and I'm not sure how it works with M&G).



Enjoy! :D
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