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The Miller Legacy - 8.2

Starting the update with the last image this time XD I liked that image, hey. Things got pretty crazy as you'll see. There's some house switchihng in the middle of this and the update may seem a bit disjointed.

Anyway, hi! Time for another update!

Last time:

- Altair and Lynx moved back home cause I couldn't choose between them
- Altair got married to Jenny
- They had 2 kids, Fell and Annah
- Then Jenny had an affair with Lynx
- She also slept with Altair again
- And got pregnant, and I was mean and left it hanging there >:]

And we start this update with Ivy being a real bitch again, much to the amusement of little Annah.

But aww Castor is always so adorable with the kids. It makes me love him so much. And that's dangerous, I might start giving into demands for him to have more kids. XD

Aw and look at Flash being all grandpa-like.

Yes things start off pretty normal this update. With loveable sweet things like Lynx being a great uncle and reading to his nephew.

And little Fell playing with his baby sister.

And Jenny popping in the bathroom :P

Lynx: (What 's he so damn happy about all the time? It is throwing me off of my primping!)

Ooh, what's this?


Castor: Hahaha, that was funny kid! (I have such wonderful relatives)

Yeah, I don't suppose much would hurt a vampire/werewolf/warlock(/alien)

Lynx: *gives hobby tips*
Castor: (yep I looooove my relatives. I've been playing this thing since before he was even born, that jackass)

And life moves on.

Lynx burns some hot dogs.

Altair passes out on the sidewalk.

You know, business as usual.

And you know what the game does when you think you've hit a comfortable routine?

Yep, throw everything at you at once. It's 8 pm, Castor's transforming, Annah was about to be brought to the cake for her birthday and Jenny decides now is a good time to go into labor.

Take your eye off the toddler for one moment and they grab the stinky bottle.

And it's a baby boy named Trias!

And if the eyes and black hair weren't already a dead giveaway.

This is.

And then we finally move on to Annah's birthday!

Such a shame about the brown hair (I've been wanting to get rid of it for a few generations now), she's really cute!

Lynx: So.... what am I suppose to do with this thing?

Well, either put him in his crib or feed him, don't just stand there.

Oh yes, brilliant, let your brother feed your child instead.

And damn Altair, are you really that oblivious?

Wait... NOOOOO!

I wasn't ready for this yet! I thought he had more time! I was going to do stuff with him, focus on him for a bit. Damnit game!


Genevieve! Now is really not the time to be stealing your brother's paper!

This is highly inappropriate!

Well, I guess Flash would have wanted it this way.

Castor really loved Flash, as you can tell.

Aw Margaret, I'm sorry :(

Fell takes after his dad.

(really this is just here because bath tub pirates still rock)

I am serious Altair, how blind can you be?! That is not your baby!

Woo! Another birthday! (as usual there's a lot of these this update)

Fell Miller:
Aspiration: Knowledge
Secondary Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind
Hobby: Tinkering

Sloppy/Neat: 4
Shy/Outgoing: 2
Lazy/Active: 10
Serious/Playful: 10
Grouchy/Nice: 9

Aw honey, birthdays are tiring aren't they?

Moar birthdays! Cause you can never have enough of them! 

(yes you can, I am so tired of them by now)

This is definitely so not Altair's baby. Look at that face!

And then it all goes downhill....

First there's this.

I didn't want this! I didn't ask for this! He only needed one stupid logic point for a promotion damnit!

I love me some abductions but this is ridiculous.

Well ok, no big deal, I can handle another baby. Just a little bit of madness right? Nothing serious.


Damn you ACR! Damn you straight to hell!

Yes, I am sure he was hot!


I am sorry Altair :(

This was also the point where I realized something was wrong with my lot.

So hey, new house!

On a much much smaller lot (2x3) but still a pretty huge house itself.

Uh, no house tour cause I don't feel like spamming up this update with (I can do one seperately if there is a demand) it but it has 4 double bedrooms and 3 singles, 3 bathrooms. I took out some of the luxuries that the previous house had (like a pool) and rearranged some thing compared to the last house and so far I like it.

This is not the first thing I wanted to see in the new house you guys.

See now the swooning and romantic thoughts are spreading to the welcome wagon!


Lynx, you're pathetic.

I may not have wanted it but if it happens then it happens damnit. I am just that cruel.

Unfortunately the random roller hates me, as you'll see.

Lynx: Morning Castor
Castor: (Morning)

Margaret: See Mr Cup! This is our new kitchen!
Lynx: (And I slept with that!?)

Enjoying the view ladies?

(Castor has no shame, none whatsoever)


Everybody always says it. Smustling is indeed serious business.

Another picture of Trias, in case you forgot he was there.

I almost did.

Annah: mmpph mm? (translation: Are you alright, daddy?)

Margaret: Damnit Mr Cup! If you don't like the house you could atleast be nice about it!

Margaret: And then... then he said... he said the colour scheme was hideous! Hideous! Can you believe it! *in shock*

And hey, this pop picture is almost exactly the same as the last one! But it's not!

Altair: Oh what will I do? I am pregnant, the kids are miserable, my stepmother is insane and there's a scary werewolf about howling every night! *worry worry*

Damn Castor and his howling, half the house is in the red.

More deaths, just what I needed to get everyone's mood up -_-

Bye Sand :(

Fell: Damn I hate having to cheer for birthdays >:[

More celebratory cake days!

See I could have captioned that as Fell hating Trias, but he doesn't

See, I've got evidence!


Trias is one of those kids that runs everywhere.

So in a moment of more randomness, cause we needed that this update, I sent Castor on a date. I do that a lot (helps keep his mood up) but hardly ever document it. I felt like doing it this time cause this was probably the worst date he's had in a while.

Waiter (Mark Park!): I am so sorry sir for getting food in your fur!
Castor:  :(
Mark: I shall immediately fetch you a new meal!

Mark: Oh I am so sorry for again dropping this tray of food on you, sir! *smirk*
Castor: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
Andreas: I shouldn't be entertained by this but... ++

Mars, you keep your opinions to yourself!

A sim hour or so later, at the local club:

Mrs Crumplebottom: You! I know what you're doing in there you dirty pervert!

Mrs Crumplebottom: Take that you shameless, shameless man!
Castor: Ow, but I was just trying to.. ow! Stop hitting me!

Poor Castor XD

Altair: AIIEEE
Lynx: I didn't want to see this!
Lynx: But dad is dead... oh... OH... !

Lynx: Woo! Hello baby niece/sister!
Altair: I'm glad you're happy >:|

I told you, the random roller (and my game) hates me.

(Ninja stealth edit! Forgot to put her name in, it is Lyra)

Lynx: After all that excitement I feel the need to jump into your arms Jenny!
Altair: Wait... WHAT!?

I think the penny dropped.

Altair: You were sleeping with my brother!?
Lynx: (Heeey, this is kinda entertaining :D)

Altair: My wife cheated on me :(

I'm sorry you had to find out :( Atleast you were happy not knowing.

Fell: Moooom, what are you doing?!
Jenny: Turning off the music, we need to have a serious...

Jenny: Smustle dance with the music turned off!

Fell: I have this intense angry feeling something annoying is about to happen.

Fell brought Ricky Cormier home with him from school and this is how Ricky decided to appreciate his new friend.

Ricky: *giggles*
Fell: Thanks a lot, jerk! >:[  relationship+!

Fell knows how to make friends.

Ricky: But hey, I'm gonna take off now cause you've got nothing to eat around here.
Fell: Yeah, see you at school tomorrow asshole >:[

Friends for life.

Trias: Aah, there's a half-naked werewolf in my room where there was a vampire before!
Castor: *sigh*

See, occasionally Lynx can be nice and sweet.

And then he goes right back to being an insensitive selfish ass.

Fell seems to be popular at school!

He's brought Meadow Thayer with him this time and it seems she likes him.

Fell: (this first kiss reminds me of my cheater of a mother so much! >:[ )

Less anger would be nice.

Charles decided to drop by uninvited.

And I really wish servo looks would stick sometimes.

And he's just in time for more celebratory cake days!

Altair: (does that jerk have to be standing right there? *hate*)

Aw, she's quite cute!

Meadow: Your brother is like totally hot!
Fell: *beams*
Annah: (why is she telling me this?)

More cake, last one of the update, I swear!

Annah Miller:
Aspiration: Knowledge
Secondary Aspiration: Grilled Cheese
LTW: Become Head of SCIA
Hobby: Fitness

Sloppy/Neat: 2
Shy/Outgoing: 8
Lazy/Active: 10
Serious/Playful: 7
Grouchy/Nice: 7

And Altair finally decides to vent his anger on Lynx.

and so that's where we're currently are for this update. Rage, crying teenagers and Castor still has no shame.

Things kind of went downhill. I'd want to say chaotic and abnormal but hell, this is the Miller family. This isn't all that abnormal for them, is it? What'll happen next? I have no idea.

Tune in next time to see!

If I haven't run away screaming yet by then.

Warnings: 88 pictures, language, woohoo'ing, fighting, anger, sadness, death, things that make Fantasyrogue wish she had eyebleach and a soft surface to headdesk on.

Tags: challenges, sims 2, the miller legacy
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