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The Miller Legacy - 7.4

Phew, finally time for another update!

Sorry it's taking me so long lately guys, I've been way busy with all sorts of things and haven't really actually sat down to play the game much as a result. With Christmas break coming I don't expect things to speed up much as I won't be home so bear with me for a while longer.


More kids growing up
Altair is still totally cute
Flash got abducted again and gave birth to a son, Lynx

Speaking of Lynx



Anyway. There's a lot of focus on some of the older generations in this update as I felt they were a bit neglected. Although the first "old generation" doesn't make it past this point.

I'm sorry Macademia. You were an awesome looking cat. And probably around the longest of all the generations due to the whole having to rebuild the house thing.

Castor: I figured I deserved a little break after all these years so me and Andreas are going on a vacation.

Castor: You'll manage on your own right? You're a grown man after all.
Flash: But....what about... that.. thing?

Castor: Lynx doesn't mind uncle Castor going away for a bit, doesn't he?
Lynx: *giggle*

Flash: But, what am I supposed to do with this? Castor?

Flash: Rosie? Anyone? .... help?
Rosie: *ignores*

Great way to start, burning up on the way to the car.

Thorn: Heeey, uncle Castor!

(Thorn is really adamant to get in this update, you'd think he'd atleast mention something about the fact that his uncle is on fire)

I sent him off to the Far East.

Castor's still on fire. He must really want that vacation.

Castor: I swear, flying by broomstick would have been so much better than by plane!

Castor: Anyway, we're here and I can't go out for the next few hours. How about we skip those stupid tours, I've got some better ideas on how to spend the day.

So do the locals. What better way to spice things up for your tourists than by randomly attacking eachother, right?

Ok so occasionally they do touristy stuff, when Castor can actually go out.

And occasionally Castor is a stupid idiot that goes on a tour just before sunrise and comes back being chased by bees.

Which means he ran around for hours in the sunlight, ON FIRE AND BEING CHASED BY BEES. and all his needs dropped into the red.

Castor Miller, shocking people with inappropriate behaviour around the world.

Andreas: Hey, call me!

You're on a vacation with him. He's right there!

The stupid must be rubbing off here.

Castor: Whee! (I still say brooms are better)

Who could deny a man his childish love for flying a broom.

Also the locals seem to have a thing for Castor as they all keep crowding around him for some reason.

Thankfully Castor is actually pretty monogamous, all things considered.

Plus they're still cute.

So how was that vacation Castor?

Castor: Bleh! (translation: too short, not enough touristy stuff, too many bees and the running commentary sucked)

Back at home nobody need concern themselves over Lynx, he is well taken care of.

Obligatory cute shot of Delphine and Margaret. Lest I be accused of being biased or anything.

Ian! Long time no see!

Yes, thank you Ian.

We get the idea by now! What got into your urn tonight? Geeze.

The bathroom is the place to be.

Any Miller can attest to that.

Amber's setting just as good an example to her grandchildren as she did her children.

Can't really have updates without birthdays.

Elizabeth Miller:
Aspiration: Popularity
Secondary Aspiration: Grilled Cheese
LTW: Have 20 pet best friends (or somesuch)
Hobby: Music & Dance

Sloppy/Neat: 2
Shy/Outgoing: 10
Lazy/Active: 7
Serious/Playful: 3
Grouchy/Nice: 8

I really should have picked a different spouse for Flash (even though it's his chin that ruins it all)

Oh Kennedy, thanks for jumping on the "let's scare everyone" bandwagon.

Eh, Andreas? Everything alright? Your expression seems a bit, confused there.

Oh yikes. I wouldn't know how to react to that either.


I'm just not surprised at this stuff anymore.

It's been a while for Amber so I had her call up someone she dated a long time ago to get back into the dating game.

Although I don't think there was cause for concern, I think she's still got it.

Can I just say, that waiter looks pretty awesome.

*giggles like a stupid child*

I like him.

Horatio: Damn woman, you're hot
Amber: *completely ignores him, checks out other guy instead*

Yeah, definitely still got it.

(oops, walls are down)

Random guy: Oh no no, I'm not that easy.

Yes you are.

Ugh, old woman making out by the car. Let's focus somewhere else.

Courier! How are you doing!

Courier: (stupid new hood, stupid being a townie, stupid having no memories of having any parents or anything left)

Same old Amber, you never know which guy she actually ends up coming home with.

Well, same except for the bladder control.

I'd almost forget we had children in the house!

Still cute!

Ivy: Boo!
Lynx: AAAAH! Good grief! That face needs some serious work! *tinkering++*

Hey now, just cause she's old and dead doesn't mean she looks that bad.

Elizabeth: There's nobody singing on the karaoke machine. The quiet is killing me!

What did that game console ever do to you?

Whoa no no no! I'm not having that happen.

This has go to stop right now.

Altair: awwww :( But I was about to lose my virginity! *minus*

Flash: So, then I built a rocket right. And rocket are excellent for some mild threatening and blah blah blah
Castor: *yawn* Look could you hurry it up? I came here to attack you not to listen to you whine on about your damn rockets.

Castor: Finally! Damn, when you're not being antagonizing or a whiny little bitch you just talk and talk and talk and it's annoying! Stop it!
Flash: *gasp* Did you just insult me?! I do not talk a lot!

Castor & Flash: RAAAARGGHG!

What the...? Flash won? How?

Ah. Possession.

Flash: *victory makeout with his wife*
Castor: *cracks knuckles for round two*

Let's leave those two alone for a while, they'll only keep repeating the same damn cycle anyway.

I'm quite serious about Rosie not getting with Altair and there's one surefire way to get her to stop.

Rosie: Hello! Welcome to life! It's a pleasure to meet you!
New Servo: Hi.. uh?
Rosie: Rosie!
New Servo: Hello Rosie, I think my designation is Charles.

Charles: I am curious about this "life"  and the world you speak of. I'd love to go see it!

Charles: Would you take me out so I can see?

Charles: I'm supposed to it like this right? *holds up glass* To the lovely lady in front of me!
Rosie: *giggle*

Food sampling, an important learning process.

Charles: How about a tune up?

(servo flirting, it's cute)

Charles: Query. What did that woman coming out of that photobooth just do?

Sneaking in the update again Thorn? (and hi inkbottleblue's Anastasia!)

A good robot learns from what he sees.

Now you know who the feet belong to! ;)

Aw, aren't they cute together :P

Told you they'd still be at it when I got back.

But atleast things have returned to normal somewhat.

Flash: Hi Rosie, new servo I've never seen before....  (wait.. when did we get another servo?)

Both of them are addicted to that thing.

Castor really doesn't like Flash

That's ok though, the feeling's mutual.

There hasn't been enough cute yet!

Except I was so busy focusing on the cute I pretty much missed Amber's death :|

I wasn't the only one though, only the cats showed up!

Lynx: Grandma's gone? *pout*

Altair *starts crying*

Well, atleast it got a response out of them. If a bit delayed.

Bye Amber :(

Charles: (ugh, sim females are disgusting)

One last birthday this update!

Delphine Miller:
Aspiration: Popularity
Secondary Aspiration: ? (forgot to roll it)
LTW: ??
Hobby: Science

Sloppy/Neat: 10
Shy/Outgoing: 3
Lazy/Active: 2
Serious/Playful: 2
Grouchy/Nice: 10

And we end this update on another happy note.

Charles: Enter into a lifelong commitment contract with me?

I guess that was a yes.

This is the longest generation yet. I had wanted to play up to uni but with all these things happening it's taking a bit longer than expected.

And I know this'll upset some of you but there's a good chance I'm moving Rosie and Charles out sometime after the wedding. Just so you know. We're getting closer and closer to the end, Rosie deserves someone to be happy with and I wouldn't mind one less sim to worry about (or two, as it stands right now).

See you next update!

Warnings: 86 pictures, language, the usuals

Tags: challenges, sims 2, the miller legacy

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  • Notice

    I am aware of the currently broken images (thank you photobucket, sigh). I am working on a solution but it may take a while yet due to time…

  • Plastered in Paris - Redux

    I made these posters (well, edits of existing posters) for Sims 2 back in the day ( here), and my good friend Medinaquirin…

  • Update

    Stopped being lazy long enough to update my content list. I think I've got everything linked up there again. Aside from that.. Happy Easter everyone…